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Hello and thank you for joining our next live Knitting For Profit Teleseminar!


This event will be LIVE at the following times:

For USA Pacific Daylight Time - Thursday September 24th at 5pm

For USA Eastern Daylight Time - Thursday September 24th at 8pm

For Eastern Australians - Friday September 25th at 10am

For New Zealanders - Friday September 25th at 12.30pm

For UK residents - Thursday September 25th at 1am (sorry about this, I thought this time we would give the Aussies a chance to listen live, which means you are in the middle of the night, but register your name and questions and you can access the recording for free the next day!)

If you are not able to make the time listed, I will record the call. So make sure you register now and you will get special access to be able to listen later.

Please enter your first name and email address below to register, as well as a question or topic about Knitting For Profit Online that you would like to hear discussed on the call. You won't need to speak if you don't want to - just write "silent question" in the subject line.

I'll send the dial-in details to you by email very soon - I'm looking forward to having you on the call!

All the best,


Knitting For Profit Teleseminar Registration