3 Easy Stitches To Create Edges and Joins Between Fabric

Kitchener Stitch

There are many knit pieces that simply cannot be completed without some form of seam. Items such as sweaters, pillow covers, and dresses are bound to employ some of the techniques used to create edges and joins between fabric in order to complete the project. There are many ways to do create edges and joins[Read More]

Basic Knitting Supplies for Beginners

Knitting Needles and Yarn

When you first decide to learn to knit, the knitting supplies aisle can be a daunting place. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming deciding what you really need, and what is just a fun extra designed for knitters that like the latest and greatest contraptions. While those high-end stitch markers, blocking[Read More]

5 Popular Knitting Stitch Types You Need To Know

Knitting Stitch Types

Knitting can seem very intimidating when you’re first starting out, but it is important to realize that there are only a few knitting stitch types that make up the foundation of knitting. Once you know the 5 most popular knitting stitch types, you can knit just about any pattern you wish. Using a combination of[Read More]

Using Fabrics for Knitting Instead Of Yarn!

Fabrics for Knitting

The use of fabrics for knitting is becoming a popular new hobby as crafters realize just how quick and fun it is. Instead of using yarn and standard knitting needles, many crafters are beginning to use strips of fabric instead, for a more unique and interesting look. If you love knitting but want to try[Read More]

How to Knit and Purl in The English Style

knitting fabric

English style knitting, which is the most common knitting style in the US, is only one style of knitting. To knit in the English style, you hold your yarn in your right hand, unlike Continental knitting where the yarn is held in your left hand. So, the first thing you need to learn to do[Read More]

Who and What Are Yarn Bombers?

yarn bomb girl

Yarn bombers are knitters and other fiber artists that create street art out of yarn. These artists have been around for years now, but they are still technically “underground,” and most of them hope to stay that way. While yarn bombing does not hold a strong punishment, it is still technically illegal, and most yarn[Read More]

Warp Knitting and Weft Knitting Basics

Warp Knitting and Weft Knitting

Warp knitting and weft knitting are technical terms used to describe machine knitting. These terms describe both the length and width of yarn used, as well as how many needles on a machine get used. While the average hand-knitter does not usually know much about warp knitting and weft knitting, it is good information to[Read More]

Why I love Mega Knitting and You Should Too!

Grandma’s Knitting Style

Mega Knitting is a new knitting style that is taking over in the knitting community. So many people imagine that it is just knitting on large needles, which it is, but really, it is knitting on really large needles. This is definitely not your grandma’s knitting style, (PIC: …1990 “Grandma’s Knitting style”) but the benefit[Read More]

What is the Difference Between Double Knitting Wool vs 4 Ply Yarn?

Super fine yarn

Many knitters never bother to learn the differences between yarn types and weights. For example, they never learn what the difference is between double knitting wool vs 4 ply yarn. Learning what these terms mean and how they differ can make all the difference to your knitting abilities. By knowing the different yarn weights and[Read More]

Basic Needle Felting Tools

needle felting tools

Before you can begin needle felting, you need to make sure you have the proper needle felting tools. This art form is the process of adding felted embellishments to a base fabric, which is growing in popularity these days since so many fiber artists are noticing the benefits of felt. While standard wet felting doesn’t[Read More]