Finding Those “Edgy” Designer Knitting Patterns

"Edgy" knitting design

With knitting becoming more and more popular among younger knitters, the demand for designer knitting patterns is growing. It is no longer safe to assume that knitting is just for grandmothers. Young moms, teens, and knitting business owners are now knitting in a newer, edgier style than before. The problem is that it is difficult[Read More]

Finding The Best Knitting Lessons

knitting lessons

Knitting lessons come from many different places, and people. Some of us were taught by a grandmother or an aunt, or even a friend. Others picked up the craft without any formal knitting lessons, teaching themselves with books and online sources. There’s also the choice of paying for knitting lessons from places like Michaels, other[Read More]

The Top 7 Knitting Blogs You Should Read

Knitting Blogs

There are tons and tons of great knitting blogs out there aimed at the wonderful world of fibre crafting. Some are devoted to a specific subset of the craft, like spinning your own yarn, crochet or simply knitting, and others blend two or more. On these sites you can find a multitude of resources. A[Read More]

The Top 4 Websites For Buying Yarn Online

knitting online

We all love stopping at our local yarn shop, we slowly move through the isles, touching the yarns, looking for the perfect colours and fibers – but if you know exactly what you want you can also find a wealth of yarn online. While you sacrifice being able to see and touch your purchase before[Read More]

Warp Knitting vs. Weft Knitting – what you didn’t know!

Knitting Methods

Warp knitting is a method of knitting that takes the yarn through zigzags down the fabrics length and follows in adjacent columns rather than just one single row. This type of knitting is typically done on a machine as opposed to by hand. This is because this technique requires you to have separate yarn strands[Read More]