7 Essential Knitting Books and Websites You Must Read

When it comes to knitting, you can never have too much information or inspiration, and you can get both of these things through knitting books and knitting websites. With so many to choose from (both books and sites), it can be difficult to know where to look for the best information. This is why I[Read More]

A Recommended Knitting Video App

knitting app for iphone

In my surfing around looking for all things knitting, I came across this knitting video app from KnittingHelp. It has all those brilliant “how to” videos from the KnittingHelp website, organized into a complete knitting reference app. When you think about it, most of us aren’t in front of the computer when we are knitting,[Read More]

How to Switch From Knit to Purl

Knit Stich

  Even for those who are not knitters, the terms knit and purl stitches are something that has likely been heard at one time in their lives or another. Many people may even recall their grandmothers sitting with their knitting and quietly saying to themselves “knit one, purl two”. If you have ever wondered what[Read More]

How to do Double Knitting – The Knitty Gritty!

double knitting

For the beginning knitter, the words double knitting may sound daunting and extremely complicated. The truth is that it can indeed be complicated but once you get started, it is like second nature. The key to getting to this comfortable spot is understanding the way the fabrics come together to make the perfect double knit[Read More]

The Best Fabrics for Knitting Your Kids Clothing

fabrics for knitting

When it comes to children and their clothes, fabrics for knitting are perfect for their growing bodies. The main reason is because they are made of a stretchy type of quality and this makes it to where your kids will not grow out of them too quickly. Knitted clothing will also not shrink by large[Read More]