Our Top Tips For Finding Yarn Online

Searching for yarn online is a perfect example of something old and something new coming together. In this technological age that we live in, so many things that are considered old fashioned have been swept under the rug. The good news is that one of these things is making a big comeback – knitting! While knitters used to have to go to department stores or craft speciality stores to purchase their materials, now that we have the internet, buying yarn online is an easy way to get exactly what you want!

How Stay at Home Moms Can Make Money with a Sewing Business

The sewing business is booming and it is mostly thanks to stay at home moms. In this ailing economy we live in, it is difficult for mothers to stay at home when two pay checks are so badly needed in many families. Being able to work at home has been the dream of many moms[Read More]

Knitting Websites to Get Free Patterns and More

Knitting Website

Knitting websites are plentiful. There are sites that show you how to knit, sites that give you ideas and inspiration about new projects and sites where people who love to knit exchange information and ideas. However, the majority of knitting websites are focused on patterns-patterns you can get for free! This is a convenient way[Read More]

How to Come Up With Fun New Knitting Ideas

fun knitting ideas

  Coming up with new knitting ideas can be challenging when you have been at it for a long time. The main problem is that many people tend to over think things and feel that new ideas must mean big changes. The truth is that coming up with new knitting ideas can be as easy[Read More]