Knitting For Profit Teleseminar Questions

I have been getting some great questions to answer on our first teleseminar! Here’s a couple that will be great to cover… $$ How do you start out knitting or crocheting for profit? $$ How do you find a profitable knitting or crochet niche market? $$ How do you find people who need contract knitters?[Read More]

Free Knitting For Profit Teleseminar!

It’s been a while in the making, but the very first live Knitting For Profit Teleseminar is going to be on Thursday 23rd July (or Friday for Aussies and New Zealanders) – that’s only 2 days away (I like to put pressure on myself…!) I’m going to be answering your questions about making money from[Read More]

Sell Your Knitting And Crochet Online – Without A Website!

Did you know that you don’t have to have your own website to make a profit selling knitting and crochet online? In this post I’ll be revealing the top online craft sites for selling knitting and crochet, and what may surprise you – E-bay isn’t one of them… But isn’t there heaps of opportunity on[Read More]

How To Make Money From A Knitting or Crochet Blog

I have been getting some questions about how to make money online from knitting and crochet, especially from blogs which many of you already have. If you are going to the effort of regularly writing on your knitting blog (knitting website), and you have built up a following of people who like to get your[Read More]