Knitting Business Success Story – Jill and Susan from Y2Knit

Susan and Jill have brought together their love of knitting and yarn, their skills, life passions and experiences to create, a knitting business with a difference! They are a wonderful example of the many paths that a life in knitting can take you down, and how being creative with your approach can set you[Read More]

Niche Knitting Yarn Review – Bamboo Yarn

One way to make your products unique and specialised for a niche market is to use unique yarns with special properties. A good example is Bamboo Knitting Yarn, which is now becoming very popular. Bamboo Yarn will give your knitted pieces some fantastic natural advantages that will immediately make them great niche product for babies[Read More]

The Knitters Guide To Business Cards

Business cards are absolutely essential for knitting for profit, so how do you make sure they help you sell more of your knitting, and where's the best place to get them? When you are knitting for profit, one of the most important things you'll need to do is get your name and knitting product range[Read More]

Three Essential Rules For Selling Your Knitting

If you want to make money from your knitting, having good sales skills will help you enormously. This article will show you how you can sell your knitting effectively, without being one of those ‘pushy’ salespeople. Many people find the thought of being a salesperson quite foreign and uncomfortable, especially when the image that the[Read More]

Make Money From Knitting – The Top 5 Questions

Making Money Knitting

Here are the answers to the 5 most common questions I get about Knitting For Profit. If you have another to add to the list, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to include the answers in another post, perhaps titled “A whole lot more questions about Knitting and Crocheting for[Read More]

Knitting Success Story – Ruth From nonstopknits

This month’s Real Live Knitting Success Story is featuring Ruth Boelkins from nonstopknits, who has taken her knitting hobby and passion, and turned it into a thriving small business. Here’s how this "beginner knitter" made her home-grown knitting business a success… How did she start her knitting business? Ruth is relatively new to knitting. It[Read More]

Five Money-Making Knitting Niche Ideas

If you want to make money knitting, my golden rule is to find a niche. No matter which of my Five Knitting For Profit strategies you choose to follow, in order to really make a profit from your knitting, you need to be a bit different, stand out from the crowd and fulfill a need[Read More]

What is Knitting For Profit? And What Is A Knitterpreneur?

“Knitting for Profit” means you are making money from your knitting skills (yay!!). This can be achieved in a variety of ways, but how do you become a true “Knitterpreneur”?? Knitting For Profit could mean you are selling the pieces you knit, or it could mean you are getting paid to teach other people how[Read More]